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3 things to consider when creating an open-plan kitchen

Kitchens can come in all shapes and sizes and traditionally sit at the back of the property, facing the back garden with a separate room for the dining and living areas. Over the years and particularly in more rural or larger properties, open plan living has become increasingly popular and families are choosing to either extend their home to accommodate an open plan kitchen, or knock through to their living and dining areas to provide a larger light-filled space they can all enjoy.

Here at Parlour Farm we design and fit many different styles and sizes of kitchens but one of our client’s favourite designs is the open plan, so we have written a few points to consider if you are thinking about creating a kitchen like this.

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1) What do you want an open plan kitchen for?

The first point to consider will be why you are choosing to build an open plan kitchen and how it will affect the other rooms of the property. Do you need more space to cook and store your appliances? Perhaps you would like a better environment for the children and entertaining – so you will need to allow room for a sofa or play area. Understanding why you want to design a certain aspect will ensure you get the right finishing touches in the final design. 

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2) Where will the kitchen appliances be in the open plan space?

Of course when building an open plan kitchen, the first item on the design list will need to be the position of the kitchen itself. Your designer will help you run through the layout of your home, depending on the style or features of your house the doors, hallways and garden will affect the flow and where your work tops and appliances will need to be. 

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3) Who do you want to work with?

To ensure the entire process of re-fitting or installing your open plan kitchen goes to plan, you need to ensure you select your kitchen supplier at a very early stage of the project. Here at Parlour Farm we get to know our clients from the very beginning and work with them all the way through until the end; we are able to advise on designs, features and installation, making sure our expertise brings comfort and security throughout the entire process.

We will always advise on the best areas to receive natural light, how to work with ceiling lights over work tops and any extra features you may not of considered that will really enhance your home. 

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