Unique kitchen designs around the world

Creating your own handmade kitchen is the perfect way to express your personal style and have a design that works for you and the family. Our clients love the freedom of choosing their own colour, cabinet design or worktop finish and we pride ourselves on delivering a truly bespoke service.

Many people around the world choose to take their kitchens to the next level – take a look at these uniquely weird and wacky designs around the world and see if it gives you any inspiration;

Arabian nights

This Arabian style kitchen is definitely one for personal taste, but we give it full marks for creativity. The dome shaped cooker hoods and opulent colours are beautiful – we can definitely see the inspiration. 

Arabian design kitchen

Narrowboat kitchen 

This kitchen looks as if it has been taken out of a fairy tale – with carved wood paneling and warm colours, it fits perfect into this narrow boat. Would you feel claustrophobic or like a film character? 

unique kitchen design

Futuristic kitchen

This sleek and shiny kitchen has a very futuristic feel about it; the yellow backlit glass bricks and foil floor are framed by pristine white cabinets with no handles.

modern kitchen design

Multi coloured kitchen 

These soft pastel colours are very pretty, and perhaps not everyone’s first thought when choosing colours; but their tones go so well together and allow you to mix and match colours throughout the whole design and kitchen. 

colourful kitchen design

French chic kitchen 

This family definitely love France, especially the architecture and old farm house design of La Provence. The cabinets are a work of art in themselves but we are not sure how practical they would be for a working kitchen?

french kitchen design

Clinical kitchen

We think this kitchen looks very unique; with its white shiny cabinets and blue lighting its quite unusual and a very specific taste. Perhaps they can have changing colour lights? It would certainly add another dimension for dinner parties.

Space design

Mirrored Ceiling 

This kitchen could easily make your head spin if it wasn’t to your taste – the continuous patterns and mirrored ceilings create an encapsulating atmosphere but it we love the colours and makes us feel like you’re in a Moroccan spa. 

mirrored kitchen design

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