Why choose a bespoke kitchen?

Whether you are looking to rejuvenate your current kitchen or you’re starting from scratch with a brand new design, you and your family will have to choose between building an off-the-shelf, pre-built kitchen or creating a bespoke, handmade kitchen. It’s a big decision for any family and there are a lot of factors to think about, find out here why we know bespoke kitchens are always the better choice. 

Truly custom design 

When you choose to build a custom, handmade kitchen you get exactly what you want. You can choose the different materials, features and fixtures to have around the room – with our help you can tailor every unit to fit each individual corner and bring out the best of your available space. 

Your kitchen is not something you buy every day, you need to be sure that it will work for you and your family and all your kitchen utensils and white goods have a place that will last as long as possible. Most pre-built kitchens will come with this space already decided so you have very little to work with.

made to measure

The perfect fit

Your bespoke kitchen will be designed and fitted to fit the shape of any room. If you live in an older property the chances are you have a few alcoves and oddly shaped doorways to consider and most properties will have a boiler and window frames to work around. Having your kitchen custom designed will ensure that every inch is covered and put to use, we can have your kitchen cabinets, work tops and units made to measure perfectly. 

the perfect fit kitchen

Family friendly layout 

Design is not just about the perfect fit for your cabinets, the way your kitchen works and the layout of each worktop and table will be integral to a happy home. Given the blank canvas and working with professional designers, you can design a kitchen to flow with you and your family – making sure everything has a place and maximises the space you have to work with. Our expert craftsmen can engineer aspects like hidden storage solutions to give you even more space for any of those little extras. 

kitchen design

Long lasting style 

A pre-built kitchen will give you a pre-built style also. You may be able to find certain materials you like but they may not be in the right colour or finish for your taste. When you create a handmade kitchen, the variety of materials you have to work with increases tenfold. Here at Parlour Farm we work with a number of different materials for every part of the kitchen; including wood, slate and polished granite. We can hand paint each cabinet to your chosen colour, and every fixture and fitting can be chosen by you and added wherever you like. 

Here at Parlour Farm we are with you throughout the entire process, from consultation straight through to the fitting we deal with no external contractors for building the kitchen and we maintain a strong relationship with you so as to ensure you’re getting exactly what you imagined.

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