Own a Parlour Farm original that you'll cherish forever.

Our bespoke kitchens deliver individual and tailor-made functionality.We approach the design and build of all our kitchens by creating a personal relationship; so our customers will enjoy the entire experience. From the first drawn idea to the final carpentry, our team will support your imagination and deliver results. 

Bespoke kitchens designed just for you

Parlour Farm will not waste your time with a sales pitch; we want you to be able to see our honesty and the passion in how we work. We need to be able to focus on interpreting your requirements; we need to ask the right questions and help you realise your imagination to create an individual design unique to your home.

Design has two elements, one of which is the budget. We want to make sure that whatever budget you have, we can tailor our design and products to fit within it comfortably. If you visit our showroom, our team will be able to talk through your wish list and give you the best idea of what will be most economical and functional for your home.

However we do understand that with the complexities of modern life it is not always possible to meet in person, we regularly work on projects across the entire UK and have clients in Spain, France and Ireland. That’s why we have an expert Customer Support Team who are always on hand to answer any questions you have and can send any information you need by email or post.

Ordering your bespoke kitchen

With our bespoke service, we understand that every price and order will be different. Parlour Farm will be able to confirm the kitchen order with the payment of a booking fee, this is will be decided from the overall cost of the kitchen and it secures a space in our manufacturing schedule with a specific date for your fitting.

When working towards an installation date, communication and transparency are vital, that’s why we issue a detailed time schedule for the project directly to you and your family that highlights key milestones and important dates of your project – so you are always aware of any action or decision that is required by either party and at any stage of the project.

handmade bespoke kitchens

Supply Only

We offer a personal ‘supply only’ option, should you choose to fit your kitchen personally or with a private contractor. As with our complete kitchen installation options, we will provide you with a manufacturing schedule and organise a delivery date for your handmade kitchen and added fixtures and fittings to be sent directly to you. After the delivery, the responsibility of measurements and technical design will lie with you or your chosen contractor.


We believe in value for money, we are renowned for competitive pricing and our costs are calculated according to every individual design, including the complexity of units, manufacture time and materials. Before beginning the design process we will always discuss your budget to ensure all these features are incorporated. It’s no good having a budget that we cannot design to, or an idea that is way over your budget.

Every bespoke kitchen is made to order and to your approved design; so we don’t offer any “stock” unit prices. We keep everything as transparent as possible and always advise what is more or less affordable for each customer. With our extensive range of quality of materials and construction, we are one of the most competitive bespoke kitchen design companies in the UK.

Manufacturing Times

We allow up to six to eight weeks from the time of final survey through to installation, however the timescales to finish a design will vary with every individual project. We always recommend beginning work on the design element of the project well in advance of the desired dates for installation – this will then allow time for any changes and manufacturing situations.

Kitchen Manufacturing


A bespoke Parlour Farm kitchen is not just fitted; it is delicately scribed and joined to your existing space by our experienced kitchen fitters. We allow up to 5 days for each installation – however in the event that a fit takes longer, we will always ensure that family disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.

Installing your handmade kitchen

If you have chosen to use one of our beautiful hardwood worktops; these are cut to size and shape at your home to ensure maximum perfection. Granite worktops are not cut after the kitchen cabinets have been installed, we will create a template for these towards the end of the final fitting. Cutting your granite worktop typically takes a further 7 – 10 days for which we will always allow time for in the initial project plan.