Kitchen installation.

We manage every single process of your handmade kitchen here at Parlour Farm. Our team of designers, craftsmen and kitchen fitters work together every day and are part of a seamless process of communication and understanding, as well as years of knowledge and expertise to utilise and share.

Your luxury bespoke kitchen will have spent the last 6 to 8 weeks being carefully selected, shaped and moulded to create your beautiful masterpiece. We accept complete ownership of our work and value the relationship we will have built with you; that’s why we never operate with third party delivery or installation companies so we can always depend on our own timescales and expertise.

Our kitchen fitters are based in our workshop alongside our joiners and cabinet makers, this ensures they are always familiar with each fixture and fitting, and in turn they become completely aware of each process and milestone of your design before installation. With this in depth process flow we can ensure that our delivery and kitchen fitting go completely to plan, with each feature measuring up to fit the CAD drawing.

Here at Parlour Farm we appreciate that having a new room built in your house can be a stressful and tense situation – we do all we can to make the process run as smoothly as possible for you, that’s why we ensure our kitchen fitters have years of experience in working with families and managing any situation that may arise. The installation process usually takes up to 5 days, but if for any reason this needs to be extended, our team will always be courteous and understanding to you and can work around your day, creating minimal noise and disturbance whilst they complete your handmade kitchen

Once your unique kitchen has been delivered, fitted and tested – and only when you are completely happy with it – our team are able to clear away any mess they will have made and can begin to take you through anything you need to know about your fixtures and of course, answer any questions you may have.  

Kitchen Installation