Moulded Shaker Kitchen

Give your working kitchen its creative flare with our Moulded Shaker selection. We can offer the original Shaker functionality with added features such as decorative handles, curved architraves or eye catching mantel pieces. We can mix and match your fixtures and fittings to give your kitchen a country style but with all the modern appliances; keeping your home running seamlessly and allow you to admire and work in your creation simultaneously.

Parlour Farm can make sure the heart of your home remains modest and easy to use with our artistic features and creative corners; giving your space personality and character to surely impress and provide a beautiful, timeless kitchen.


moulded-shaker-1 moulded-shaker-1
moulded-shaker-2 moulded-shaker-2
moulded-shaker-3 moulded-shaker-3
moulded-shaker-4 moulded-shaker-4
moulded-shaker-5 moulded-shaker-5
moulded-shaker-6 moulded-shaker-6
moulded-shaker-7 moulded-shaker-7
moulded-shaker-8 moulded-shaker-8
moulded-shaker-9 moulded-shaker-9
moulded-shaker-10 moulded-shaker-10
moulded-shaker-11 moulded-shaker-11
moulded-shaker-12 moulded-shaker-12
moulded-shaker-13 moulded-shaker-13
moulded-shaker-14 moulded-shaker-14
moulded-shaker-15 moulded-shaker-15
moulded-shaker-16 moulded-shaker-16
moulded-shaker-17 moulded-shaker-17
moulded-shaker-18 moulded-shaker-18
moulded-shaker-19 moulded-shaker-19
moulded-shaker-20 moulded-shaker-20
moulded-shaker-21 moulded-shaker-21
moulded-shaker-22 moulded-shaker-22
moulded-shaker-23 moulded-shaker-23
moulded-shaker-24 moulded-shaker-24
moulded shaker kitchen with aga moulded shaker kitchen with aga
slide out baskets in bespoke moulded kitchen slide out baskets in bespoke moulded kitchen
built in appliances built in appliances
bespoke welsh dresser bespoke welsh dresser
Olive green moulded shaker kitchen Olive green moulded shaker kitchen


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