beskpoke kitchens

Parlour Farm bespoke in-frame kitchens and cabinetry

Within Parlour Farm bespoke, we can create any cabinetry to any dimension, meaning we are truly 100% bespoke. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Kitchen with island

Fully bespoke kitchens

No two kitchens we make are alike. Every aspect is custom designed, and handcrafted to perfectly suit your tastes and home. During the design consultation, every aspect, dimension and requirement of your kitchen can be addressed, right down to the ergonomics of your family.  Parlour Farm kitchen designers have won and been nominated for multiple nationwide awards.

We can guarantee that no-one else in the world has your kitchen.

bespoke media centre

Not just kitchens

Over the years, we’ve built some of the most impressive rooms throughout homes, we’re always up for a challenge, if you’ve got a project in mind, we can help.

We’ve completed in the last couple of years, everything from boot, utility and laundry rooms to wine, cinematic and gun rooms. You can choose your room and your materials and we’ll design and craft the most impressive room in your home.

Cutting wood on a table saw

500+ years of experience

Our cabinet makers have skills passed down from generation to generation, just within Parlour Farm. Meaning we have over 500 years of experience just from our current team, not including the knowledge passed down from previous generations.

Cabinet making is a craft and our team take pride in making the best possible work, having created masterpieces over the years.

Cabinets ready being assembled

All in one place

Everything about your cabinetry is created in our factory. Everything starts as raw material, which is run through our in-house mill by hand. Once the miller is satisfied with the quality of the material, he created the doors and frames which then proceed through to the cabinet makers. Cabinet makers build the cabinets, attaching the frames and doors and make sure everything is perfectly aligned, ready to be painted in-house.

Once painted, everything is re-assembled and scrutinised, then wrapped in readiness for delivery. We offer tours of our factory, to give you a better understanding of the man hours that go into creating your cabinetry.

Installing a kitchen

25 Year Guarantee

We use only the very best in materials and complementary appliances to deliver your perfect kitchen, that’s why we can guarantee it for 25 years. We create furniture throughout your home, for life.

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