Our Service

Why choose Parlour Farm

Parlour Farm Kitchens are of the highest quality in handmade cabinetry and yet we are also more affordable than some high end off the shelf products, giving us a unique place in the market as our bespoke competitors are also far more expensive.

Customer service

Our customer service is second to none, we have processes set in place to help through every stage of your kitchen from planning through to installation. From meet and greet, our wonderful friendly designers, our chirpy installations manager and our very polite professional fitters, each one is here to help.

Product quality and guarantee

We use only the best possible materials and methods of construction to produce all of our cabinetry, which in turn enables us to offer a 20 year guarantee on all of our cabinetry. We invite all of our clients new and old to come and have a tour of our factory, this is something other companies do not like the general public to see, but for us is a highlight to show off our manufacturing skills.

Professional design services

We offer a professional design consultation service which is free of charge, this design consultation can take place in your home or if the kitchen is not yet built then we can do the consultation off plan in the showroom.

Our professional designers will listen to you wants and needs and come up with a beautiful design to suit you and to compliment the building in which you live.

Our reputable designers are often asked for by name as clients have recommended them time and time again to friends and colleagues, having built relationships with previous clients.

Handcrafted by master cabinetmakers

We have over 250 years of experience from our master cabinet makers, all of which have adapted through the years to using the latest technologies as well as using the very classical of methods, enabling us to do traditional and modern kitchens.

The challenges that we set them through different customers wants and needs are answered on a daily basis with a resounding yes, very rarely is there an obstacle that they are unable to overcome due to shear level of experience they have obtained.