Spring Lake

Creating space by the lake for kitchen, media centre and bedrooms

Project Details

Spring Lake is a lakeside property at Cotswold Water Park that is beautifully located but poorly designed. The house had little to no storage space as they were designed for short term holiday lets only, but people are now taking longer breaks and therefore often take more belongings with them so need more space.

The existing kitchen was very small, but removing two walls and opening up the ground floor gave more room to work with and allow for a kitchen that would work beautifully in any home. The peninsula allowed us to add storage space to the back side while also creating a breakfast bar, for the quick breakfast before going water skiing. We were also enlisted to add a media centre, again maximising storage and providing a beautiful centre for the TV and digital boxes.We tied the two areas together by using a walnut backdrop behind the TV and the same colour as the kitchen. 

The final part of the project was the most difficult: two of the three bedrooms did not have any storage whatsoever - there was no room for even a chest of drawers let alone a wardrobe. The designer found that by having everything built in and raising the bed gave space for the chest of drawers, while turning using a pullout system allowed for a full height wardrobe to be added.

This project was quite a challenge but has transformed the property and, according to the owner, has generated considerable interest from other owners on the same lakeside development.

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Customer Feedback

We were astonished by the design. We never dreamed of being able to put this amount of storage into our little lake house and as for the two small bedrooms we had resigned ourselves to the fact that we would never have any wardrobe space - but Parlour Farm delivered the dream.

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